The PeakMedia Collective
is a video production and media design group that specializes in the creation of experiential and transmedia video content: from documentaries and corporate to social media, immersive installations and interactive cinema.

We are a creative collective of multiplatform producers, artists, musicians and media designers, academics and social media strategists, offering comprehensive conceptual, design and production services.

We produce video and creative content for multiple platforms, from 2 inches to over 20,000 feet: interactive video installations for urban spaces and online experiences integrating social and participatory media to create immersive, multiplatform projects.

For a larger than life experience, we customize this content for public spaces. Combining digital video and 3D motion graphics with lighting and projection technology choreographed to music, PeakMedia creates multisensory immersive spectaculars.

We understand the power of the personal narrative approach in stories told through video. PeakMedia creates content for the contemporary audience: online experiences that integrate participatory, user-generated content, collective storytelling, interactive education, alternate reality games and media-specific narrative.

Established in 1997 by Producer Douglas Pringle and Creative Director Michaele Jordana Berman, PeakMedia’s Development Studio is based in Toronto Canada, with an Interactive Design and Social Media satellite in New York headed by Media Director Ramona Pringle, who is concurrently developing Emotional Perception in the Interactive Cinematic Experience with the PeakMedia Collective Research Lab.